Here's what we consider to be important in achieving our mission:

Accessibility... because if it costs money you don't have or it makes no sense to you, what good is it?!

Collaboration... because that's how we make progress.

Teamwork... because it's the only way to get things done.

Person-centeredness... because if we cannot value each other, of what value is life?

Open communication... because it's the only way to navigate our connection.

Connection... because nothing happens until we make contact.

The recognition of fundamental goodness... because the opposite is darkness.

Innate human wisdom... because that's the capital and currency of progress.

Hope... for without it, we are lost.

Compassion... born of love... not Punishment, born of hate.

Empathy... the product of our real connection.

Equity... because superiority and inferiority are barriers to our connection.

Humility... to be equal, connect, recognize mutual humanity, value each other, and collaborate as a team to provide hope and access for all.