The following individuals and organizations have partnered with us, collaborated, or supported us in significant ways. Without them we would not have been able to bring this program to the communities we have served. The implementation of the CSDP is a collaborative effort and we are deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with the many dedicated and visionary people who contribute to and are committed to Turning the Tide of Trauma in their communities and globally.

The CSDP is stewarded by the Ardicare Foundation, a California 501(c)(3).  Programs and projects to train people in the implementation of the program can be supported and funded through Ardicare or any one of the following non-profits. And we are eager to partner with other non-profit organizations with whom we share a similar mission and vision for the future.

The CSDP has been an official program at Kaiser Permanente San Francisco, available to Kaiser members through referrals and implemented at the Geary Boulevard French Campus. As a non-medical program, we are now implementing it to benefit the communities in regions served by Kaiser.

The CSDP is a program of Think Round Inc. a community education non-profit organization dedicated to healing the human family through the arts, science, and community collaboration.

"We hold a vision of a better future where the human family thrives in a world whose air, water, and soil provide in abundance for its plants, animals, and people. Through educational programs, projects, initiatives and activities that are designed to mend our broken heart strings and in collaboration with the programs, projects, initiative and activities of people globally to establish effective, informed stewardship of the world and each other."

We join Think Round in their vision and are committed to helping mend those "broken heart strings" of the human family.

The CSDP is also a program of CapraCare, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing sustainable community health programs for the people living in Haiti. CapraCare's mission is to develop and promote dynamic and sustainable preventative health care and prevention education programs for long-term impact, connecting women, children, their families, and the community for positive health change in Haiti. CapraCare provides access to medical care, preventative healthcare, mental health services and health and nutrition education services in Haiti, regardless of the ability to pay. We are doing our part to support their mission.

We have partnered with Partnership Afghanistan Canada (PAC) to bring the CSDP to women refugees in Vancouver, Canada and we are currently developing the program for Afghanistan through the University of Kabul. The mission of PAC is to support the reconstruction of Afghanistan, to maintain the cultural heritage of Afghanistan and to support the integration of Afghans into Canadian society. We are committed to helping them do this.


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