Programs Completed and In Progress

We have three programs:


Our peer-community program is our flagship service. It is why we exist. We are currently implementing programs in Canada, the United States, and South Africa and have ongoing and projected projects in Haiti, Turkey, Zambia, Malawi, and Uganda.

South Africa 

Primrose High School, Germiston. Eleventh Grade students.  The Helping Hearts

Koinonia Bible Church, Sebokeng, a previously disadvantaged community of the apartheid regime in South Africa. The KBC L.O.V.E. Program

In partnership with Trust Hope Faith Youth Development in Olievenhoutbosch for youth in the community, elementary school teachers and volunteers, eleventh graders at Seshegong High School and residents of the village of Sonop: The Great Foundation of Hope, The Life Changers, The Peace Innovators, We Are Not Alone

Programs for residents of Olievenhoutbosch on the outskirts of Pretoria. The Gifts of Survival and Soul Restoration

In partnership with Hlumelelisa - with South African Correctional Services, a program done with their prison program facilitators: The Spirit Healers, Fountain of Restoration.

The first of the prison programs in partnership with Hlumelelisa - at Baviaanspoort Prison: The Light in the Darkness.

Residents of the community of Nammitwa in Limpopo: Restoration of Hope.

Another program in Olievenhoutbosch! This group have called themselves the Common Hearts.

Community in Pretoria served by Lig Kinderbediening starting with their leaders, social workers and counselors: Kom in pas (Kompas) met jou lewe

In partnership with Ligstad for the communities they serve starting with a group of high school students: Soul Workers


In partnership with Kaiser Permanente. For Kaiser members in San Francisco. The Caravans of Healing: The Pioneers, The Explorers, The Lotus Flowers, Freedom Flyers, The Resilient Hearts

An open enrollment program made available to residents of the San Francisco Bay Area in partnership with Think Round, Inc. The Resilients! and The Golden Gate PHOENIX.

In partnership with Think Round, Inc. for counselors at the Oklahoma City Public Schools school district. Pioneers for Healing

In Oklahoma City, program for middle and high school students at Oklahoma City Public Schools. The Legacy of Courage


In partnership with Partnership Afghanistan and Canada for Afghan women refugees in Vancouver. The Window to Hope - Through Empathy and Self-Discovery.

In partnership with the Shuswap band in Invermere, British Columbia, to serve their community: Secwépemc K’elél’nem (Shuswap Listeners)


In partnership with a CapraCare, a public health and social services NGO for volunteers serving the community of Fonfrede. Ak Espwa N'ap Chanje Visaj Kominote a


In partnership with Partnership Afghanistan Canada in Vancouver, to implement through psychology students at the University of Kabul working with our Facilitators-in-Training in Ankara, Turkey.

Many other individuals, communities, and organizations have expressed an interest in the program.  Their projects will be added as that interest turns into action.

The program materials have been translated into the following languages: Spanish, Chinese, European French, Haitian Creole, and Dari.

Summary of results of individual programs available upon request.


In order to implement programs, we need facilitators! Facilitators are in training in the US, South Africa, Haiti, and Turkey. We have a fabulous team of twenty-six FiTs (those are Facilitators-in-Training) in Southern Africa, eight in the US, five in Canada, one in Haiti, and two in Turkey! This is great! But we’ve got a long, long way to go!

Our facilitator training is available to the staff of our partner organization so the the organization can ultimately own and implement the CSDP independent of us. This mission needs many shoulders to the wheel!

3. THE COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP CLASS for schools and colleges

This is an exciting new project! We have piloted this class four times and expect to do a few more pilots before it is truly “ready for prime time”. A group of high school students at Star Spencer High School in the Oklahoma City Public Schools did the class and called themselves Open Hearts, Open Minds. We’ve got great plans to do many more and here’s why:

The Community Leadership Class (CLC) is an adaptation of our peer-community program workshop with some great added content about living in community and being a leader. It prepares young people to come and participate in the community program, which we will offer them as a four-week summer day camp in locations where schools are doing the class. But even if they don’t do the program, the CLC prepares them for life!

Ask us about this. We’d love to tell you more about out vision for young people everywhere and our contribution to the the ACEs Movement.