Welcome to Turning the Tide of Trauma, the programs of the Ardicare Foundation.

Our innovative community program for people everywhere is changing lives, bringing a sense of hope for a better future, providing relief and release from the past and greater strength to embrace now and move forward. Explore these pages about us and our program, send us a message, or give us a call. Let’s schedule an introductory presentation and bring a program to your area for you and your community.

Our Facilitator Training is for those who want to join the movement to empower communities to overcome the impact of trauma and regain wellbeing and resilience by learning what it takes to continue the program in their own communities or help us take the program to more communities who need and want it. This training is for individuals and the staff of organizations who wish to partner with us to bring the program to the communities they serve.

Our Community Leadership Class for middle and high school students is available to schools that recognize the need to equip their students with “inner skills” - relationships, community, and how to be human.