A Note To Our Funders, Donors, and Supporters

The CSDP is extremely cost effective. Not only does the program address the community's trauma but it also provides employment, a means to a living, for vitally needed work in the world.  Those who do this work are those amazing people who want nothing more than to see their community heal but they need to eat too. We have chosen not to ask people with little or nothing to volunteer their time. This is neither viable nor sustainable. Our philosophy is "Valuable work provided by valuable people deserves at least a means to a living."

With regard to cost, in the United States a program can be done for as little as $10,000 initially and when the program is adopted by the community, the cost per implementation goes down. This is true anywhere in the world where the program is put in place.  In South Africa, a program can be done for as little as R15,000. That's about $1,200.  About that much in Haiti too.

Please consider funding a program in an area or with a community that is near and dear to your heart. Call us and let's discuss our current projects and what's possible with regard to your vision.  We, of course, will appreciate your contribution but the community will be even more grateful for what you made possible. Your contribution will be tax deductible. It can be made to Think Round Inc. (in the San Francisco Bay Area), CapraCare (for Haiti) or the Ardicare Foundation (Click on the "Donate" button above) or we would welcome the opportunity to partner with an NPO in your area.


A Note to Those Who'd Like to Join Our Team

You are a most precious gem among treasures! Contact us and let's talk.  There is a CSDP Facilitator training track and we'll tell you all about it.  The prerequisite is a compelling desire to help. We'll want you to understand exactly what becoming a CSDP Facilitator entails and will ask you to commit to this vital work of implementing this program in the many communities that need and want it. You will learn an excellent set of skills. Implementing this program isn't always easy but it is always profoundly gratifying.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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