"It is my belief that the peoples of the earth live within the webs of cultural and social forces, much as stars and planets exist within webs of natural forces that both bind them together and keep them apart. Though we seem to live as separate individuals, nations, cultures, and faiths, we are one in our humanity." Heidi Hardin, Artist & Founder of Think Round Inc.

The CSDP is the program of the Ardicare Foundation, a California 501(c)(3) non profit private operating foundation.

Our Global Team

Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Diana Canant has also lived, worked and studied in the UK and the USA. She has global experience as a trainer teaching cross-cultural communication, cultural orientation, job proficiency, learning-to-learn, and trauma and stress reduction for mental health professionals, lay practitioners, and community volunteers.

She has a degree in psychology, is a Certified Green Cross Traumatologist and an alumnus of the Harvard Global Mental Health Trauma and Recovery Masters Certificate Program.

She is a member of a global network of professionals addressing the impact of global violence, conflict, and natural disaster.

She's developed the Community Self-Care Demonstration Program which teaches people how to help each to overcome the impact of adversity.

Raquel Garcia was born in Spain. She grew up in a small beach town in the Northern coast, being able to see the ocean the beautiful green of the trees, the vastness of the mountains.

In her own words: "Being in Nature provides me with this experience of 'being Home'.

"I came to San Francisco in my early 20s, for a year and a half, to study business. As life had planned, 22 years have passed, andI am here, work as a psychotherapist, have a few more wrinkles, a lot of mistakes, laughter, joys, sorrous; life has provided experiences that at  times I do not find words for, and  I have come to hold aspects of his adventure as beyond the realm of the intellect. Since I was a child, I have been drawn to the mystical, mysterios aspects of life, to human’s feelings, to going deeper into what  moves us, makes us behave, feel, think….

"The path of psychotherapy and spirituality have beenof great guidance in my journey. These days I do not see them as separate, or different, but just aspects of our human experience. Holding each person, each being, as a manifestation of the wonder of what is, unique, greatly significant, and so small from a universal perspective….the paradoxes of life. 

"My work, and life path is dedicated to the truth, the freedom to be what we truly are; this has lead me to the work of trauma and flourishing from its effects, “turning the tides”. I believe in the healing of the whole when we each heal. As Gandhi put it, “Be the Change you wish to see in the world”.

"With kindness, compassion, courage, humility, we open our hearts, and together we hold space for each and the whole  to flourish."

Ansie Joubert is a qualified trainer and has been a member of instructional design teams designing training programmes in various fields. She is fluent in English and Afrikaans.

Ansie believes in people and in their ability to change.  For Ansie there is nothing more satisfying than being instrumental in the transformation of some aspect of someone else’s life.  As a training facilitator Ansie experiences deep contentment when people master skills and can better themselves and the quality of their lives as a result.

Ansie has also been involved with orphan projects in communities in South Africa and Zambia.  She is troubled by the amount of trauma in our world today and the suffering of children in particular, disturbs her deeply.

She recently equipped herself to deal with trauma by attending Traumatic Incident Reduction workshops.  She recognizes the value of Ardicare’s vision because she believes a more efficient approach than the conventional counsellor-client sessions is needed to reach those who have been traumatized and to bring about relief more quickly.

She is interested in bringing Ardicare’s program to people in Africa, particularly South Africa, Zambia, and the rescued child soldiers who are brought to Uganda from neighbouring South Sudan.

Born and raised in Haiti, Syndie Desir is a student in psychology. She is a volunteer in Rotary international and Past President of the Rotaract club ofPort-au-Prince during the year of 2015 -2016. She worked in the social field also

‘’I everyday facing urgent needs within my community that pushing me to engage projects and hoping to see a positive change in my community “ .

She has elaborated “one person one action"   awareness raising campaign for individual involvement in protecting environment. And "Sove lavi" , save a child’s life, project that responds to the situation of malnourished children In the south east of the country. This project was nominated one of the 3 top best projects in the health category of the Miss Progress international contest.

 She’s the Miss Progress Haiti 2016, also a model, she is a passionate about beauty pageants, Arts, music, and sports.

Co-founder of a non profit organization ETC ending the cycle. The mission of this organization is to support women and girls that experienced sexual or physical abuse trough education advocacy and trauma focused counseling. 

“I always wanted to understand others and also to find the right ways to help them, which explains the choice of my career. I believe that mental health is important in order to keep the balance and I am happy to be able to work in this field”

When she met Diana in 2015, she was very interested to learn how to use the Community Self-care Demonstration Program (CSDP) And she start the training to become a CSPD Facilitator.


The Community Self-care Demonstration Program changed Tara’s life. She earned her BA in Psychology but it wasn’t until her own therapist suggested the CSDP that she found relief from the anxiety and depression that she has experienced since childhood. She continues to witness the program’s healing effects—her paradigm shifting toward an ever growing sense of inner peace. She has been awarded the CSDP Certificate of Completion for being Trauma Informed, Trauma Aware, and a Competent Listener able to help people in the community to heal from traumatic experience. She is currently a CSDP Facilitator-in-Training, working to build a peer-based community that is wholly capable of healing traumas. It is a mission she believes is of the utmost importance. In her words, “There are so many people like me who are unaware of how past traumas control their behavior. We need to learn how this plays out in our daily lives and learn to free ourselves from its control.” 


Jabulani Mahonisi has been working for LoveveLife in Johannesburg, South Africa for 10 years providing psycho social services.  Before working as a Call Centre Operator he had worked as a groundBREAKER at Makomba-Ndlela Youth Movement where he delivered a variety of services including facilitating and implementing operational plans to deliver key components of LoveLife and Makomba-Ndlela programs in a rural area.  In addition to the advocacy program, outreach to every person in every hut, and health promotion in the schools, Jabulani did strategic planning, managing, training, motivating, liaising, guiding, leading and facilitating operational staff and liaising with relevant stakeholders such as government officials, the community, and community based organizations. Jabulani organized all logistics and facilities required to ensure smooth delivery of the program as well as prepared detailed program reports. 

Jabulani is passionate about creating an interactive and enjoyable environment that supports learning and providing solutions to people’s life challenges. 

In 2008 Jabulani was trained in Traumatic Incident Reduction and Life Stress Reduction by Diana Canant from the Traumatic Incident Reduction Association. Because of that he has developed interest to become a CSDP facilitator.

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Refilwe Ntisane: I am a student of psychology and I am wired to help! I love working with people. I believe that no matter how bad the situation, there is good that exist and it outweighs the bad. Being grateful is a choice I make in hard times. 

I worked for LoveLife for ten years. During this ten years I received a lot of training for HIV /AIDS, communication and TIR which I fell in love with. This gave me the best skill to help others. I am excited to be part of the CSDP! 

Susan Sluiter completed her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of Johannesburg. For the last nine years she has worked as a psychologist at Anglo American Platinum Health Medical Centre in Rustenburg, South Africa. 

"I work as part of a multidisciplinary medical and psychiatric team.  We work over the broad spectrum of mental health and wellbeing related cases.  I consider my colleagues more as family than colleagues. We are a good,  happy, and hard-working team.  I completed a TIR course in 2011 with Diana Canant.  This amazing learning opened up an entire new paradigm in my approach to psychology and psychotherapy.  Through the understanding of how our emotional experiences and our consequent emotional intentions affects us psychologically and through developing an understanding that we are able to alter thoseall-powerful emotional intentions, I developed a passion for TIR, not only as a trauma therapy tool but also as a fundamental psychotherapy tool.  I have been using this tool since I learned how to use it and the results have been absolutely remarkable.  It brings about permanent change in emotional wellbeing, cognition and behaviour not only in acute single trauma but also in depression, anxiety and any other unwanted states.  I will continue to use and promote this powerful psychotherapy tool as much as I can and will endeavour to become involved in the teaching of it.  It becomes an empowering tool in the hands of anyone who understands the reasoning behind it and who is passionate about making a relieving the after-effects of painful emotional experiences." 

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Shabnam Hazrati: I was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, and when education for girls was forbidden in other provinces of Afghanistan, I started my primary education in Panjshir Province. I continued up to receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Educational Psychology at the University of Kabul after the start of the Taliban Government. During the time I was at university, I was working as editor, producer and radio operator in Amozgar Radio. My work career started from there and after that I worked as project coordinator in Panjshir Province for a women’s empowerment project. In 2012 I joined Partnership Afghanistan-Canada (PAC) as a volunteer. I was the project coordinator for their M-Learning Project. After that I worked in the Independent Election Commission as Media Liaison officer and then in the Afghan Women’s Education Center as a Capacity Building Officer. Lastly, I joined the United Nations Volunteers and worked in the United Nations Development Program project for Gender Equality Enhancement in Afghanistan. Now I am in Turkey to get my Masters Degree and continue my work with PAC as a board member and facilitator for implementing the Community Self-care Demonstration Program (CSDP) in Afghanistan. I have also worked with many more youth organizations and with Darakht-e Danesh online library as a volunteer editor.


Najma Mosleh was born in Iran and grew up in a city near the border of her native country, Afghanistan. Najma attended school until 11th grade in Iran, but she had always fantasized about beauty of Afghanistan and aspired to return to empower Afghan women.

Najma graduated from the University of Kabul with Bachelor of Arts in Educational Psychology while she worked as an instructor at the USA Embassy. After college, she joined a USAID (United States Agency of International Development) project as an intern, which opened the way to the European Network Afghanistan as a Volunteer Field Researcher. Then, Najma joined Jangalak Hospital as a Psychologist where she assisted patients with war traumas. The experiences encouraged Afghan Women’s Network (AWN) to invite Najma join their team as a Researcher. At AWN, she conducted three research projects about women’s political participation in Afghanistan and violence against women in Afghanistan. Lastly, Najma teamed up with Zardozi (Markets of Afghan Artisans) British Council as a Researcher to investigate women’s economic empowerment in the country.

To further grow professionally, Najma went to Turkey to continue her education while she is one of the team implementing the Community Self-care Demonstration Program (CSDP).

Najma is interested in meeting new people and seeking options to help them if needed. She believes people’s good deeds return to them unexpectedly when they need support. And thus she says, “Let’s be the unexpected hope and offer a helping hand.”


My name is Monica Vilakazi.

I am 48 years old. I am currently running my own small business in Olievenhoutbosch, South Africa, and am a CSDP Facilitator-in-training.

Before joining the program, my world was a blur with no direction and now, after the program, I feel alive and ready to take over the world.

I want to help people who are like me before the program so that they can put the past where it belongs, in the past.

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Chantell Oelofse

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