Indeed it is... a busy year!

Here it is, over six months since the last news post and we've finally found some time to post some news!

I'm not sure where to begin!

Okay, so... there were the five weeks in Haiti! That program is ongoing.  We are working with CapraCare in the rural community of Fonfrede, just north of Les Cayes.  The group of volunteers, who will bring the program to the community they serve, call their program: Ak Espwa n'ap Chanje Visaj Kominote a.  That means With Hope We Will Change the Face of Our Community in Haitian Creole. The 10 hard-working volunteers hung in there as we communicated through interpreters in French, English, and Creole. We all learned so much! The work goes on and we are on a path to train facilitators so that the NGO has the program and can sustain the work... teaching the individuals these life changing skills.

And then there was South Africa!  Nine weeks there! Hectic, exhausting, and fabulously gratifying! We somehow managed to start four programs in that time. One of them is ongoing and the others are complete. There was The Great Foundation of Hope, The Life Changers, The Peace Innovators, and We Are Not Alone! A total of 34 people experienced the program and lives were changed. We are in the process of planning the next two to five years expanding the program in the township with our partner organization there, BIue O Community Development.

And now there is Oklahoma City!  Whew!  It's been four weeks so far and exciting things are happening. The pilot with a group of middle and high school counselors who call their program the Pioneers for Healing has led to negotiations to fully introduce the program to the students across the district. We are rolling up our sleeves and preparing for an amazing long-term commitment.

And so, we have the prospect of a model rural community, a model township, and a model school district. Our work is cut out for us! We are building the team.  And the work goes on at home base in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The "open enrollment" program there has been ongoing. What a wonderful committed group they are. They call themselves The Resilients! 

Watch this space! More news coming!