Twenty-two and Counting...

It’s been more than a year since we have posted any news on our blog. To say we have been busy, would be an understatement. This time has been hectically full of programs and, I’m super pleased to say, with facilitator training! We are up to twenty-two implementations of the program and another four are in progress right now. There are fifteen facilitators in training in South Africa, six in Canada, one in Haiti, two in Turkey and three right here locally in the San Francisco Bay Area. South Africa is leading the way and blazing a trail. It’s impressive!

There’s a lot to juggle! The logistics of program implementation and facilitator training, new facilitators to nurture along (they are our VIPs), projects to manage from the other side of the globe, the reality of the necessity to raise funds, the data collection that is the research aspect of the work we are doing, and more. All of these things are essential to our ongoing success.

With all this activity, more than our resources can actually manage, we have turned our attention to organizational establishment. Sustainability is now our watchword! And so we are focusing on increasing resources; that means money and people. This is a dynamic time full of challenges and learning and we are leaning in and taking it on!

So, just a brief check in here, but keep an eye out for two upcoming blog posts: one about the data collection and the impressive results we are seeing and the other about our growth and the fabulous lessons in building a sustainable organization.